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Use this tool to estimate your annual costs and make an informed decision about which medical plan to choose.

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Think about the amount of healthcare that you and any covered family members may need in the coming year. Use the menu(s) below to select from a variety of "Quick Scenarios". For definitions of the different usage levels, please see the healthcare usage assumptions. For definitions of the different usage levels, please see the medical usage assumptions and the prescription usage assumptions. Or, you can create your own scenario under the "My own scenario" tab by customizing the frequency of each type of service. You can also view the cost assumptions for each service.

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Click on a plan column in the chart for information about monthly amounts.

See the impact of using your HSA or FSA

A Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can help you save on taxes when paying for care and planning ahead for future expenses.

I am age 55 or older and qualify for the increased HSA contribution limit.

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Slide the bars above to see how savings account contributions can help you cover your out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

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Funding to apply toward the cost of care:

Funding sources to apply toward the cost of care: .

Cost of care
Before claims
Claim reimbursements
After claims
Company funding
Employee funding*
Contribution limit
Company match
Company funding
Carried over from 2021
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Applied to cost of care
Forfeited excess rollover
Potential rollover amount
*Subject to applicable plan limits.
Employee plan premiums by pay period:
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View your potential tax savings

Use this tax calculator to see the benefits of contributing to a plan's tax-advantaged savings account.

Select a plan in the dropdown menu below and then click "Show the tax calculator".

Tax Calculator
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Tax Calculator (continued)

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Use the sliders above to estimate your eligible out‑of‑pocket medical expenses for the upcoming plan year.

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